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Its the End of the World as We Know It and I Feel Fine How to stop worrying and learn to love these End Times. The realm of Bible prophecy fascinates millions of people, yet today there is a disconnect between true Bible prophecy and the everyday lives of people living in American popular culture. Bible prophecy experts are generally Christian conservatives/fundamentalists who talk about the Rapture, the antichrist, and the mark of the beast. Yet while those subjects titillate audiences, they do so in the same way the films of Stephen King scare us. Jim Fletcher fills that void with a look at just how relevant (and true) Bible prophecy really is,   Read the Full Story
The Last War By Jim Fletcher and David and Allen Lewis.  A probing look at the war on terrorism with an exclusive interview with Ariel Sharon! Conflict in the Middle East has simmered and boiled for decades. Now, war and terrorism are global in scope.   Read the Full Story

It's the End of the World and I Feel Fine

Its the End of the World and I Feel FineJim Fletcher's new book, It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine), aims to reach a "new" audience with the awesome message of Bible prophecy: students, seekers, and skeptics. Written in the style of Blue Like Jazz, but with a very conservative biblical view, End of the World pulls together compelling personal stories, current events, and plenty of Bible to leave readers no doubt that the Bible is God's Word.

Available for pre-order at; Borders; Books-A-Million; Barnes & Noble, and fine Christian bookstores everywhere.

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"Finally. A book on things to come that hits the mark. It doesn't focus so much on minute details of prophecy, but on the broad sweep of history from the long ago past to the future. Fletcher illuminates God's intent for the world from the beginning, and emphasizes that His grand plan
for us will not fail. The culmination of this plan may have been temporarily delayed, but not ultimately thwarted.
Understanding this "big picture" helps prepare the reader to meet impending events with confidence. I recommend it without reservation."
John Morris, President, Institute for Creation Research

“If something as serious as the end of the world can be addressed in a light and breezy style—and with a touch of humor—Jim Fletcher has managed to do just that.”
Joseph Farah, Editor and Chief Executive Officer, WorldNetDaily

"Jim Fletcher concisely yet comprehensively makes the case for supporting Israel while educating and entertaining his audience along the way. "
Josh Reinstein, Director, Israel’s Knesset Christian Allies Caucus

“I have so much love and admiration for my long-time friend Jim Fletcher, and for his incredible writing talent. In these troubled times, and with the Mideast in more turmoil than ever before, we need a road map to lead us through current events — and to show us how these events correlate with God's Holy Word. Thank you, Jim, for the road map!”
Joseph S. Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys

"If anything is clear in our world today, it's that God is revealing Himself through His chosen people, Israel. Jim's new book reveals a staggering number of evidences that the Lord is very real, engaged in the world, and preparing the re-enter it Himself. This is one of the most important apologetics books I've seen."
Robert Stearns, Founder/Director Eagles' Wings, NY. 

New Israel Tour

PM_Exclusive_crop.jpgIn partnership with our Friends at the America-Israel Friendship League, Prophecy Matters is organizing a unique tour of Israel. Along with the popular sites, we will go "off-the-beaten path" and visit sites and people not normally available for Christian tours. If you'd like more information, just contact us at This will be an amazing experience for Christian leaders and laypersons alike!